Sunday, July 28, 2013


Music is the only thing which means lot to lot people, it have all type of feeling in it. Music is not for only few groups of people. It suits every people, from old age people (who loves soothing music) to younger generation and also from the happiest person to saddest person.

Everyone loves Music......

Music is the other form of language which anyone can understand irrespective of the words. Only Seven + Five notes on the keyboard are enough to express anything without speaking a word.

So in favour of this music Deejay Samrat has put his step in this field to communicate with the people with the language of music. After learning music and music production (as music does not have any learning limits, now learning more from experiences), Started working as a Music Producer, Arranger, Mixing and Mastering along with that learn t the way to play them for gig's entertainment as a Disc Jokey.

Its now more than 7 months Deejay Samrat Performing in private parties. In these 7 months Deejay Samrat has performed more than 80 Successful hit parties.

I think Learning and Performing like this in so less time is a great thing.

and will Continue to learn more and more for his all types of gig's.